Bonus Episode #012 - Hospitality Meets Emily Goldfischer - The - Hospitality Meets... with Phil Street

Episode 12

Bonus Episode #012 - Hospitality Meets Emily Goldfischer - The

Happy International Women's!

And to celebrate that, we have the wonderful Emily Goldfischer, Founder and Editor in Chief at - celebrating all that is brilliant about the female workforce in Hospitality.

We get through loads including:-

  • Winning awards
  • Falling into PR
  • Moving in house
  • Moving to London
  • Argentina
  • Founding
  • Women doing incredible things
  • Sustainability
  • Women and innovation
  • Telling stories
  • Women in F&B
  • Women blazing a trail
  • The roundup
  • Dogs
  • Pulling together in times of adversity
  • Podcasting live

Emily has founded something really quite special and it's great to see so many amazing stories coming out of hospitality.


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